Nature’s Lessons

I continue to be amazed every spring when new growth appears in the garden.  All that was dormant awakens and begins again, stronger and larger in many cases. It’s that surprise element that keeps us enthralled. Like those moments in great novels.

When I was younger and busy juggling a career with raising children, I didn’t take the time to learn from the lessons in nature. My father was the one who stopped to look, and shared his view. One time it was the new growth on a balsam tree. He had the wisdom to see the gifts of nature.

When plants survive another harsh winter, they show by example their resilience. Despite the cold and the storms, they don’t give up.

With nature in mind, I hope to re-emerge from my writing chair with new ideas and hope despite the winter of rejections that plague every writer.  I painted this garden yesterday.  It will be a reminder when fall comes again and the plants take a holiday from being on display.

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