Diana Stevan writes fiction with heart: love, family and other relationships.

As a former family therapist, the author uses her knowledge of what makes people tick. That, and everyone’s need for love.


Writing The SettingTHE RUBBER FENCE  is general fiction. It’s also medical and psychological fiction.

“Beautifully written, complex characters, moving plot…” Author Martha Conway

“A well-written book that holds your attention throughout…” Author Dr. Beverley Whipple

“A shockingly good story…” George Knox

When Dr. Joanna Bereza becomes obsessed with the care of her psychiatric patients, she risks losing not only her career but also the love of her life. 

This novel was inspired by Diana Stevan’s work on a psychiatric ward in the early 1970s. It was a time when shock treatment was in vogue. (Surprisingly it still is.) Family therapy was in its infancy; feminism was finding its footing; hippies were everywhere and the Vietnam War was on everyone’s mind.

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 A CRY FROM THE DEEP, is a time-slip romantic adventure/mystery writing world.

“It simply has all the elements of a great escape novel.” Author Peggy Morehouse

“Impressive debut thriller set in Ireland, New York, and Provence.” Barb Taub

“Great love story!” Heather Austin

Catherine, an underwater photographer, is up against a notorious salvager in the hunt for one of the lost ships of the Spanish Armada. But before she goes on the dive, she buys an antique ring that puts her on a path that will affect not only her love life but also the journey of the woman who once wore the ring. 

Diana Stevan has always been fascinated by parapsychology, the unexplained psychic events we all tend to have, like déjà vu. And of course, the idea of love everlasting. She’s woven these thoughts and ideas into this story.

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writing worldTHE BLUE NIGHTGOWN is a coming-of-age novelette set in the 1950s, a time when ideas about men’s and women’s roles were starting to change and sexuality was coming out in the open.

“A charming sexy slice-of-life in a mid-century setting” Author Lorraine Devon Wilke

“Loved this gem of a book” Maggie Mae

“A delightful escape to the fifties”  Author Brenda Perlin

The story ( 44 pages) takes place in a rooming house. Anna, the landlady, finds a blue nightgown in a tenant’s trash and decides to keep it. Little does she know the role it’ll play in awakening her own desires and also those who come in contact with it. Like her own teenage daughter.

Though sexuality was repressed in the 1950s, it was a different story behind closed doors.

This is a good sample of Diana Stevan’s writing and storytelling ability.

For more reviews, synopsis and book sample, or to BUY, Click HERE.

Hearing From Readers

She also enjoys meeting readers at events, such as writers festivals, book readings or at book clubs and has used Skype for book club meetings online.

For her Blog posts, she writes about writing, books, family, film, Diana Stevangardening and inspiration.  You can sign up on the right to subscribe ( or at the bottom of this post on mobiles).

For news on what she is working on and more, sign up for Diana’s Book News (or sidebar or at end of this post if you’re viewing on mobile). You’ll  get the first chapter of  ALONG CAME A GARDENER FREE.  This is her first non-fiction book and a work-in-progress. 

 ALONG CAME A GARDENER is an inspirational book. One that will combine thoughts from her career as a family therapist with her love of gardening


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Happy Reading.



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  1. Would you be interested in visiting our bookclub of 13 members in Campbell River?
    We have been together for four years, we call ourselves page one.

    • Hi Carol,

      Absolutely. I’m looking forward to it. I had mentioned to you when we met that I could send some questions beforehand to stimulate discussion. Or we could just wait until the meeting and see what comes up. I can also be prepared with some ideas then and we can be spontaneous. What do you think?


  2. DIANA, what aren’t you! actress, writer and so many. Great skills guy you have. This is my first time I have read out from you “The Blue Nightgown” amazing! I will back again and again.

    • Thanks so much, Jo. It was about time I changed the header. Also went through my site tweaking this and that. I would rather be writing but as you know, visibility is important. Hope your writing is going well. 🙂