In this TV interview,  I talk about what inspired me to write my debut novel, A CRY FROM THE DEEP. Below the video are articles in THE IRISH TIMES and other featured interviews on various blogger and review websites.

TV Interview 

Marjorie Greaves of Shaw Community TV shot scenes of me discussing my debut novel, A CRY FROM THE DEEP, in both my home and garden. This aired at the time of my book launch in October, 2014.


I am very thankful for the following articles and posts on by books and writing journey. Without such coverage, it’s easy to get lost in the book universe.

THE IRISH TIMESA CRY FROM THE DEEP, Article in Dublin’s newspaper on what inspired me to write A CRY FROM THE DEEP. Since half of the story takes place around Killybegs on the west coast of Ireland, it seemed only fitting to have a piece in this Irish newspaper.

 THE WRITERS’ LOOP Interview by Peggy Morehouse (American Author of A STOP IN THE PARK) on her wonderful website, USA

THE STORY READING APE BLOG, a U.K. blog. Featured as a Guest author talking about her debut novel.


CAMPBELL RIVER MIRROR A local paper shone a spotlight on my debut novel. 

OLIVIA’S CATASTOPHE, a U.K. Reviewer’s Blog A lovely and independent book review. 

On Self-Publishing  Interviewed by American Author/Poet, Luke Armstrong

Romance Reviews Today USA Interview about the romance in my story. 

The Blue Nightgown on The Story Reading Ape Blog This blog post discussed my novelette, THE BLUE NIGHTGOWN, a coming of age story, set in Winnipeg, Manitoba during the 1950s. 

Rosie’s Book Review Team U.K. Another wonderful review of A CRY FROM THE DEEP. 

South Branch Scribbler Canada An interview with me about my writing process for A CRY FROM THE DEEP.


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