My Art is below but first, my husband’s. ROBERT D’ARCY STEVAN has a true artist’s soul.

I’ve watched him work over the years. It’s as if the material speaks to him and he intuitively responds.

One of his first sculptures, NESTING  out of Brazilian Steatite, won an Honourable Mention at the first art show he entered, Community Arts Council of Vancouver juried exhibition 1995. This piece below is another version of the same theme, but much larger, 18″ by 18″.

Nesting ii by Robert D'Arcy Stevan

Nesting ii by Robert D’Arcy Stevan

EVE is one example of the many figurative pieces Robert has sculpted over the years. Also, of Brazilian Steatite.

MADONNA was carved out of Honduran Mahogany, 18″ high, 5 1/2″ wide, and 1 1/2″ deep.

MOTHER EARTH, Brazilian Steatite, 15″ by 8″, was inspired by his daughters, who were breast feeding at the time.

Mother Earth by Robert D'Arcy Stevan

Mother Earth by Robert D’Arcy Stevan

MASK is carved out of Alabaster, 10″ by 6.5″. Robert felt he lucked out when that beautiful charcoal grey streak appeared as he carved.

Mask by Robert D'Arcy Stevan

Mask by Robert D’Arcy Stevan

ETERNITY is carved out of B.C. Marble, and stands about 12″ high in our garden.

Eternity by Robert D'Arcy Stevan

Eternity by Robert D’Arcy Stevan

SOLO, made out of concrete, 53″ high by 17″ wide is the largest piece Robert has carved.

Solo by Robert D'Arcy Stevan

Solo by Robert D’Arcy

BENT GLORY is a bronze sculpture, 5 1/2″ high, 12″ long. It was one of two selected for a national juried exhibition by the Canadian Society of Artists. It was held at the John B.Aird Gallery in Toronto, Ontario 1996.

Bent Glory, bronze by Robert D’Arcy Stevan


Back in 1995, Robert and I went to San Miguel de Allende, an art colony in Mexico for three months. We enrolled in a program at an international art school, The Instituto de Allende. He studied the lost wax process in bronze sculpting. I began my love affair with painting.

I was fortunate enough to have as a teacher, Dennis Pohl, graduate from Pratt Art Institute in New York. He taught me to see both the the spaces and the object. He showed me how to draw with a brush and play like Cezanne on the canvas. So much of that creative journey mirrors my writing one. Both require the artist or writer to step back from time to time, and be willing to alter the work in order to achieve something pleasing to the senses.

This one below was totally unexpected.  Acrylic, 48″ wide by 24″ high, called FLOWER GARDEN.

The following, INTO THE BLUE was more happenstance. I seem to have flailed on the canvas, not knowing where I was going, just guessing at some harmonious composition.

artAcrylic, 36″ x 36″

This painting, TRIO, won first place, The Award of Excellence, in the Campbell River Art Gallery Members’ Show in 2001. Painted with water colour and oil sticks, it’s an organic piece that I was very happy with.


This one, a monoprint, was selected for a book on poetry having to do with MADNESS.

I took a wonderful class with artist, Bob Sheridan, part of a Campbell River artists’ group, and did the following monoprint LILY


7 thoughts on “ART

  1. David Jones

    Love all the paintings, but especially Trio. Not surprised that it won a prize. Great colours–all right, except for the monoprint. Not great colours, there.

    You’re a hell of a painter, Diana!

  2. Glynis

    Wowzee, love your art, especially Into the Blue and Lilly. What a creative lass you are, and an informative blogger, too. Gosh Diana you’re up to so much good stuff. xoGlynis

  3. Kim

    Diana you are an artist and I love your work. I think you should do much much more and have a gallery showing if u are not already doing that..

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Thank you so much, Julia. Yes, I’ll get back to it. So far, my creative writing is taking up my time. And now that it’s spring on the west coast, gardening is also a draw. But not complaining. Glad I enjoy all of it. 🙂

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