A Writer Takes Stock In February

writerAs a writer, I’ve enjoyed February so far, even though the early weeks brought some disappointment. It was a rough winter by Pacific Coast standards. We normally get little snow, but this year the big snow dumps did some damage. We were lucky though to get away with just a few broken branches and a bent-over global cedar that may straighten up with time. Now the snow in town is mostly gone and our crocuses are budding.


Tough winter conditions also meant that I had to miss two book events: one in North Vancouver, the other, in Canmore, Alberta.

I was scheduled to give a novel writing workshop at the main branch of the North Vancouver Library; I had 46 writers sign up, but we had to cancel due to a red alert storm warning.

And the next day, Rob and I were going to drive from West Vancouver, where we have an apartment, to Canmore, Alberta for our good friends’ son’s wedding. This time we got highway alerts. The road out of the city was icy, therefore hazardous. Of the two main highways to Alberta, one was an ice-covered mountain highway with steep ascents, and the other, also mountainous (crossing the Rockies), was closed due to an avalanche. So we had to cancel our plans, which included a book signing at Café Ltd, a cute bookstore/coffee shop in Canmore.


But going forward, life looks brighter.


Being interviewed by Pat Redhead at CFUW luncheon. Author Betty Annard at far right.

On Feb. 21st, I read from my novel A CRY FROM THE DEEP at the Comox valley branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women’s luncheon. I also talked about my second novel, THE RUBBER FENCE.

There were three other lovely authors, who also read from their works: Betty Annand, author of THE GIRL FROM OLD NICHOL, Katherine Gibson, author of TED HARRISON: PAINTING PARADISE, and Florence Kaeffer, author of BACK TO THE RED ROAD-A Story of Redemption and Love.

The other authors were so inspiring, especially Betty Annand, who turns 90 soon. THE GIRL FROM OLD NICHOL is her first novel, beautifully written. She’s also planning on another this October. I figure if she can do it, then I have quite a few books left in me.

My novel writing workshop has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, May 3rd. So any writer wishing to attend needs to register at the North Vancouver Library website. Hope to see you there. 




I got my books into two Chapters Indigo locations. My novels are online nationally in that Canadian bookstore chain, but it’s a challenge for any indie writer to get their works onto bookshelves. Now Coles (part of Chapters Indigo) in the Driftwood Mall in Courtenay and the one in Park Royal, West Vancouver have my signed books in their stores.

On Coles Bookshelf


I’m back to writing again after a long break. Working on some short stories and will soon tackle the next chapter in ALONG CAME A GARDENER. If you haven’t signed up to get your FREE chapter, you can sign up here. 

And I’ve polished up Lukia, the true life fictional story about my grandmother in the years 1915-1929, set in what is now western Ukraine. I’m currently pitching it to agents in the U.K. and Canada. We’ll see if there’s a good match and if not, I’ll publish it under my own imprint, Island House Publishing.

Hope you’re all having a great month. Would love to hear how your February is shaping up.


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  1. Sorry to hear you couldn’t attend your nephew’s wedding, and how disappointing to have to cancel and reschedule book events. It’s been a tough winter on the coast, but it doesn’t seem to have slowed you down. Congratulations on getting your books into bookstores.
    JP McLean recently posted…February Has Lost its MindMy Profile

    • Yes, some ups and downs, Jo-Anne. Like your blog post title. February Has Lost Its Mind. With what I’ve been through, you’ve been through, and the political scene world-wide, lots going on.

  2. Hello Diana! Good to hear you’re getting some writerly action, even with postponements and cancellations. It’s funny that you’re working on a book of short pieces. I am too, and a few months ago I hadn’t even intended to. Perhaps there’s something in the air. Anyway, good luck with yours. Roz