Book Launch THE RUBBER FENCEIt’s official! The day has arrived for my book launch of  THE RUBBER FENCE online. It’s now on sale on Amazon and will be available at other booksellers in time. 

Inspired by my work on a psychiatric ward in 1972, it covers a time when feminism was being born, shock treatment was still in full swing, and the wards were full of depressed women, alcoholic men, teenagers, and the psychotic.

The story follows a young and married psychiatric intern, Dr. Joanna Bereza, who wants it all – a good marriage, a fabulous career, and a family. It’s a tall order in 1972. When she’s assigned two patients, one an old woman who’s been zapped too many times and a young mother who’s become mute after giving birth, she pulls out all stops to keep them from getting electro-convulsive therapy. She becomes so obsessed with their treatment, she risks not only her career but her marriage. It doesn’t help that one of her fellow interns looks and acts more like a hip rock star than an aspiring doctor.


I am beyond thrilled, as my first review is FIVE STARS *****. Now I know that my book may not appeal to all. Books are like that. So, I fully expect there will be a range. But what I am especially thrilled about is the fact that my first reviewer, an independent reviewer found on Kindle Reviews, was unbeknownst to me, a  chaplain on a psychiatric ward. Since THE RUBBER FENCE, was inspired by my work on a psych. ward in 1972, it’s nice to get a review that underlines what I’ve written.  


David Burnett of Kindle Book Review said: “One of my highest compliments for a book is to be able to say that I continued to think about the story after closing the book for the last time. This was true of The Rubber Fence. The writing is excellent and I highly recommend the book. 

I hope you get a chance to read his full review. Thanks for stopping by. Any comments are always welcome. 


12 thoughts on “Book Launch of THE RUBBER FENCE

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Thanks, Jo-Anne. Love the review too. As for the paperback, I can’t wait either. Between all this medical stuff and my wanting to do those last minute tweaks, well, it got delayed. Oh well. It’ll come out when it comes out.

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Thanks, Jo. It’s been exciting.

      Yes, we both want relief. Rob’s is worse than mine. Pickleball is a cross between tennis and table tennis. It’s played with a plastic ball with holes in it and a paddle. It became a popular game with snowbirds in the American south. And now it’s the fastest growing raquet sport in North America. It’s being taught in elementary schools. A lovely game but the players can get pretty aggressive! 🙂

  1. Brenda Perlin

    Congratulations on the release of The Rubber Fence. Sorry it’s marred with some physical problems. I hope you both find relief shortly. Our bodies do get in the way sometimes!!! I feel your pain.

    Best wishes for a successful launch!

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Thanks, Brenda for all your tremendous support. It’s all good. You get to a point in life where you realize you can’t fight the river, so just flow with it. It’ll take me and my novel where it does.

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Ah, thank you Bryan. Sweet of you. It’s quite different from A Cry From The Deep. I can’t help re-inventing what I do every time I write. This one in particular took forever to get out. I almost succeeded in polishing off the shine. Enjoy, though one reader said it was “distressingly realistic”. I’ll look forward to your thoughts.

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