Finding Treasure At An Indie Author Book Fair

Indie Author Book Fair

This morning, I participated in an Indie Author Book Fair at the West Vancouver Library in British Columbia. It’s an event that indie authors love as it’s an opportunity to promote and sell your books as well as connect with readers. I love doing these as I never know how the day will go and how many readers I’ll attract. One thing I have discovered is that there is always some delightful surprise.

Unexpected Treasure

Indie Author DayAt this one I found unexpected treasure. The treasure was the connection I made with other authors, whose relationships I value, especially since writing is a solitary experience.

Though I enjoy sitting alone at my computer, pounding away at some story, I also relish company. Perhaps it’s because I was an only child growing up with three adults taking turns as my caregivers: Mom, Dad, and Baba (grandmother). And it’s also because being an indie author isn’t for the faint-hearted. Too often, you’re struggling to figure out things on your own, whether it’s learning the craft of writing or figuring out how to get your work published and promoted.

I was more than delighted to find not one, but two treasures at this book fair.

Treasure no. 1: Karen Dodd

One was Karen Dodd, a writer I had met at the Surrey Indie Author Book Fair International Writers Conference in 2012.

Karen Dodd, the wonderful author of the murder mystery, DEADLY SWITCH, indie published her book a year before I published mine. She was an invaluable resource. She spent considerable time helping me navigate complex self-publishing tasks which can be overwhelming to any writer starting out.

Though I had been writing for quite awhile and had hoped to publish traditionally, she gave me the confidence to do it myself and to do it right.

We both respect readers too much to throw a book out into the public without care. We’ve both used professional editors, book cover designers, and formatters to make sure our books can compete with any traditionally published book out there. She was also one of my early beta readers.

Karen’s murder mystery, compares favourably and in fact surpasses many bestsellers in her genre. So, if you are looking to read a thriller, or want to buy one as a Christmas gift, I highly recommend her novel. The sequel is in the works and she plans to publish it next year.

Treasure No. 2: Stewart McKenzie

Indie Author Book FairThe other treasure I discovered was author/illustrator Stewart McKenzie, the author of a children’s book, Soccer Sami and the Big Meanie Coach, suitable for kids 5-9 years.

It’s an adorable story, written in verse. Stewart’s written a timeless story of a kid who loves soccer but has to deal with a bear of a coach in order to get a chance to play.  His illustrations alone are worth the price of the book.

Though I’ve just met Stewart, his wit (which shines through in his story) and generous spirit means that I have added another valuable connection to my writing life. With Christmas around the corner, this book would make a lovely gift for any child or grandchild.

Conversations with Readers

I also met some inquisitive readers who stopped by my table to ask me about my novels (and also buy a few). I think, next to writing, conversations with readers are what I enjoy the most about my writing life.

So if you ever have an opportunity as writers or readers to participate or attend a book fair, you never know who you’ll meet. Now I say yes to all such invitations and find I’m rewarded in ways I hadn’t expected.


10 thoughts on “Finding Treasure At An Indie Author Book Fair

  1. Karen Dodd

    What a lovely and gracious post, Diana. YOU are the epitome of the helpful, supportive authors you speak of! Thank you for making our first (hopefully, annual) Indie Day a success. Loved having my book table alongside yours!

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