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Writing is a solitary life, but as a family therapist for over twenty-five years, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet individuals, couples and families from all walks of life—people who trusted me with their thoughts and feelings.

So, it’s no surprise that my novels and novelette are about relationships, the good and the difficult, for that is what life is all about.

I write fiction, drawing on my understanding of what makes us all tick, how we try to make sense of our lives in the pursuit of love and happiness.

The Rubber Fence

writing worldMy latest BOOK—The Rubber Fence, psychological fiction, was inspired by my work on a psychiatric ward in the early 1970s. It was a time when shock treatment was in vogue, family therapy was just starting, feminism was finding its footing, hippies were everywhere and the Vietnam War was on everyone’s mind.

Troubled herself. Dr. Joanna Bereza, a psychiatric intern, tries to stop her supervising psychiatrist from shocking her patients in a hospital system as stuck as the people it treats.


A Cry From The Deep

My debut novel,  A Cry From The Deep, is a time-slip romantic adventure/mystery, set in Provence, writing worldManhattan and Ireland.

When Catherine, an underwater photographer, buys an antique Claddagh ring, she begins to have dreams about a woman in a white dress from another time. A woman who looks remarkably like her. Why Catherine is being haunted becomes as compelling as the hunt for Spanish gold off the shores of Ireland, where salvagers have little respect for the rule of law.  Complicating matters is the fact that her ex still loves her and the marine archaeologist on the dive team seems strangely familiar, giving her heart an unexpected workout.

The Blue Nightgown

writing worldI’ve also written The Blue Nightgown, a coming-of-age novelette set in the 1950s, a time when ideas about men’s and women’s roles were starting to change and sexuality was coming out in the open.

Love Hearing From Readers

I enjoy meeting readers at events, such as writers festivals, book readings or at book clubs. I’ve also used Skype for book club meetings online.

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Click for a complete biography and you’ll understand why my interests are so broad. You can email me at: dianastevan(at)gmail.com with your questions or requests.  I look forward to these connections.

Happy Reading.

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