IMG_6374It’s book launch day! Okay, so I’m excited. What I need are some fireworks, a parade, and a paper bag over my head to keep me from smiling non-stop.

Yesterday, two boxes of books arrived. Some are gifts, others for Coho Books, an independent book store in town and others still for my upcoming book reading at the Campbell River library on Oct. 21st. I’m calling that event, Many Paths to a Dream, as it’s been a dream of mine to write a novel. For those of you who’ve read my bio., you know I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, but writing a novel has been my Mount Everest.

I’ve slogged up that mountain for many years, thinking that peak was too far out of reach. I’ve taken breaks along the way, sometimes ones to help out a family member, others for travel, but many times, I’ve strayed from the computer because I didn’t believe it was possible. But belief in oneself is a powerful tool.

So, drum roll please: a cry from the deep-ebook cover

A CRY FROM THE DEEP, a romantic mystery/adventure, is now available on Amazon, Kindle and through booksellers everywhere.

What’s it about?

An underwater photographer about to cover the hunt for one of the lost ships of the Spanish Armada buys a Claddagh ring and begins to have nightmares and visions more compelling than the hunt itself.

Here is my book trailer to give you some sense of the mood of the story.

And here is my First REVIEW, by Olivia, posting on her blog yesterday. ….And another lovely one by David Burnett for KINDLE BOOK REVIEW. I love the fact that there are these wonderful readers out there, who take a gamble on unknown writers like myself. I sent them advance copies asking if they wouldn’t mind reviewing them for me. I have to say it was a gamble on my part as well, as I had no idea whether they would like it or not. So far, so good. But as I’ve mentioned to friends, books are like art. We don’t all like the same thing, and that’s as it should be, otherwise this world would be a boring place.

A CRY FROM THE DEEP is print on demand and therefore, not being stocked on shelves except in some independent bookstores, which is great for a number of reasons. It’s always difficult to predict in advance how many  copies will sell. In this way, a bookstore won’t be stuck with unsold copies. And think of all the paper that saves in our environmentally conscious age. I like that.

For those of you who are interested in buying my book ( and no pressure) you can order online from Amazon or others or ask your bookstore to order it in for you, as it’s being distributed through Ingram and available to booksellers everywhere.

Thank you again for all your support. This one took a long time to write. Would you believe over six years? It required a lot of research as it’s got all those underwater scenes, and the most I’ve ever done is snorkel.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the read. And to those who aren’t interested, I’m fine with that. There are so many books, and so little time.

Comments on any of the above are always appreciated. And if you have any self-publishing questions, I’d be happy to let you know what I’ve discovered on getting this far.



18 thoughts on “MANY PATHS TO A DREAM

  1. JP McLean

    Heartfelt congratulations, Diana. Your hard work and persistence has paid off and I can’t wait to read your debut novel. I hope that smile stays on your face for a very long time.

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Thanks, Julia. I have to say, you were one author who encouraged me to take that plunge. Ha, plunge like my protagonist, who’s an underwater photographer. I appreciate the support. I miss your posts in my inbox, but I also understand the need to step back and re-assess. Hugs.

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Thanks, Stephanie. Glad you feel that way. I do believe in, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I know there are obstacles, but sometimes, more often than not, it’s us, standing in our own way.

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Thank you, Bryan, for the congrats and the book order. I’m sure you know how exciting it is to publish your first book. Thinking of you in that sunny place of yours. It’s been grey and wet here now for a week, but great for staying indoors and writing.

  2. Bob McClintock

    Congratulations Diana on this momentous day!
    I have my copy and as soon as I have my mom settled down this evening I’m going to start in. I want to wait in case I can’t put it down once I start.
    Wishing you great success with your first novel! Hope to see many more. Let’s see… six years… sooooo…. about 2020? 🙂

    1. Diana Stevan Post author

      Thanks, Bob. Hope your mother is well. I was just thinking about letting you know, as you’ve been so supportive of my writing. And ha, ha, re: 2020.

      I actually finished another novel, that took two years, called NO TIME FOR TEARS. It’s historical fiction, and based on my baba’s time in what is now western Ukraine during those tumultuous war years, 1915-1929 (WWI, the Bolshevik revolution, civil war, and war with Poland). My mother was a great storyteller and I’m so glad I had the foresight to write down all her anecdotes. They provided a good outline and along with my research, the writing seemed to flow. However, much as it portrays fairly accurate events, I had to make up some characters and some dialogue and some situations to dramatize the story. But even though it’s as true as I could make it, because of that, I’ve decided to shop it around as historical fiction. Once I’m finished getting the word out on A CRY FROM THE DEEP, I’ll return to shopping it around.

      I also have a long short story that I plan to publish as an e-book, and that’ll probably come out in a few months.

  3. Nancy Mann

    While reading Many Paths to a Dream Diana, I could hear your voice. And just for the record re the smile on your face today – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you without a smile on your face. Looking forward to tonight.

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