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the rubber fence

The novel, The Rubber Fence, is also psychological fiction or medical fiction. It was inspired by the author’s work on a psychiatric ward.

The story is set in 1972: a time when women are breaking out, families are breaking down, and men are trying to hold on for the ride.

Dr. Joanna Bereza is a psychiatric intern who wants to have it all: a career, a loving marriage, and a family, but her passion to do what’s right sets her against a system that’s as stuck as the people it treats.

Joanna becomes obsessed with the treatment of two women. One, a mute young mother suspected of trying to kill her baby, and the other, a feisty old woman who’s been through the mill one too many times. Blinded by her obsession, Joanna not only neglects her own husband, but in trying to stop her patients from getting shock treatment, she also puts her career in jeopardy. Further complicating matters is the seductive senior resident who looks more like a hip rock star than an aspiring shrink.

What Reviewers Say About The Rubber Fence

“Stevan did a masterful job showing us the complexities of a society on the verge of tremendous change.” J. P. McLean, author of The Gift series

Beautifully Written, Complex Characters, Moving Plot”  Martha Conway, author of  Sugarland. 

“The story is compelling. The author draws you in, making you care about both Joanna and her patients. I continued to think about the story after closing the book for the last time. David Burnett, Kindle Book Review

“A powerful read that had the hair on my arms stand to attention. There were shocking moments and emotional ones that yanked on my heartstrings. ” Brenda Perlin, Author of Fractured Vows

“The twistedness and escalation had me wondering how everything would pan out. I was definitely satisfied with the ending.” Olivia Savannah-Roach

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