THE BLUE NIGHTGOWN is a coming-of-age novelette (44 pages) set in the 1950s.

When tthe blue nightgownhe landlady of a rooming house finds a blue nightgown in a tenant’s trash, little does she know it’ll bring out the sexual longings of anyone who comes in contact with it, including her teenage daughter.

Set in the 1950s, this novelette shows that not much has changed when it comes to sexual desire. Through shining a light on different members of a working class family, the author illustrates the humanity of us all.


What Reviewers Say

A delightful escape back to the fifties. An era where women were second class citizens in many ways. Brenda Perlin, author of Shattered Reality

One of my tests for a good book is that I continue to think about the plot after the story is over. The Blue Nightgown passes this test!  David Burnett for Kindle Book Review

Charming, sexy slice-of-life in a mid-century setting. Diana Stevan’s  characters are unique and, in some cases, humorously sketched: the voluminous bosom of The Blue Nightgown’s Anna is almost a character in and of itself!  Lorraine Devon Wilke, author of Hysterical Love 

Loved this little gem of a book. I was transported back to a time when life was more simple yet complicated at the same time. Maggie May

Because it’s a small book, it’s available only as an e-book, at around $1 on online bookstores. 

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