This page is not about the work I’ve done on film or TV. For that, you can check the Internet Movie Database. Rather, it’s about my grandson, Michael Stevantoni’s work as a film director.

Michael Stevantoni

Michael Stevantoni on set of Eduardo

Michael’s films are both artistic and thought-provoking.

Prior to his developing an interest in directing films, I had worked in the film industry as an Actress . I had also written several screenplays, for which I had an agent both in Toronto and Vancouver. one of Michael's films

So, with that background, I encouraged Michael’s passion and became involved as a producer for a number of his films. He was only 14, when he directed adults for the first time. A year later, we co-wrote THE BROTHER and I acted in it as well.

For THE BROTHER, he won the director’s prize (high school category) at the Green Mountain Film Festival. Also, best high school drama at the Independent Hollywood Student Film Festival. His films have been selected in numerous festivals in the USA and in Paris.


We also worked on another short together. IT IS WHAT IT IS garnered wonderful reviews.

one of Michael's films

In 2014, Michael won the gold medal for video production at Skills Canada, a national competition for high school students. He then headed to study film at Dodge College, Chapman University in Orange, CA.

His short film EDUARDO directed by Michael and produced by Gia Rigoli, was shot on 8mm film stock, and shown in Spanish with English sub-titles.

He is currently finishing up a feature film, which he hopes to premiere in the fall of 2017.

For more. see Michael’s filmography on Internet Movie Database .  




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